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DUBAI: When it comes to taking a big step like running a family business, most entrepreneurs would hesitate, especially in a male-dominated industry. Female successors would rather pass on their rights to a man than take the path of leadership.

In an exclusive interview with Arab News, CEO and Chairman of Khalil bin Ebrahim Kanoo Co. and the International Motor Trading Agency, Suzy Kanoo, shared her advice on what women should do when placed in this position. , and it is not giving up their rights.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Arab Women’s Forum event in Dubai, Kanoo, who is also the author of “Hear Us Speak: Letters from Arab Women”, said that one of the main obstacles women face in the business world is not believing in themselves.

“The Japanese call it Ikigai. Find a purpose and a passion, do it well, and make sure it benefits society. Either way, whatever you think is insignificant is not insignificant to that individual. So find that purpose and do it well,” she added.

Kanoo has been the voice of the Arab world and her book deals with real stories of Arab women who suffered physical or emotional abuse but survived their situation.

“My book insists that you should never let a man, be it a cousin or a brother, force or coerce you into signing documents asking you to give up your rights to family business,” she said.

Her book shed light on the plight of marginalized women who succumbed to male domination and gave away what was rightfully theirs.

However, Kanoo thinks it was a different time. She finds Generation Z to be the most empowered generation. They believe that nothing should stop them from achieving their goals. In addition, they understand technology better than previous generations.

But the fight is not over. Even emancipated women have to fight on several fronts. An accomplished writer and businesswoman, Kanoo is currently facing trouble with the automotive industry. Its production has decreased by 50 to 60%.

Does this mean that she is letting go of the reins? No chance. The feisty lady is expanding into different sectors, opening a restaurant from personal investments and launching a consulting company for blockchain technology.


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