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Frexit activist attacks ‘old-fashioned’ EU

The claim appears in an editorial published Friday by the French daily Le Monde. In a translated version, it is written: “In [the] context of [a] dramatic rise in geopolitical risks, Brexit appears to be a handicap, even a historical error.”

Le Monde’s correspondent in London, Cécile Ducourtieux, continues: “What is the interest for the British of turning their backs on the European Union at a time when the latter is resuming its primary dimension: that of an alliance for peace and democracy ? “

Under the headline “Brexit isolates UK in Ukraine crisis”, the article claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has strengthened EU unity, but revealed that the UK government was ” very timorous” in his actions, although strong in rhetoric.

He likens Brexit to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pleading with Brussels to immediately grant Ukraine membership. Georgia and Moldova have also applied to join the bloc.

In a tweet responding to the article, journalist Agnès Poirier commented: “Boris Johnson’s boasting fools no one. The Ukraine crisis shows how isolated Britain has been with Brexit.”

Brexit mocked in French daily Le Monde (Image: Getty)

A pro Brexit protester takes part in a protest outside Parliament on September 4, 2019

A pro Brexit protester takes part in a demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament (Image: Getty)

Iain Martin, a Times columnist, fired back: “This piece is completely detached from reality. Very strange.

“From the US and UK telling the incredulous and slow-moving EU for months about the invasion. To British military aid, before the invasion and in progress. Ask the Ukrainians.”

Ms. Ducourtieux recognizes in her editorial that Boris Johnson has very harsh words to condemn the Putin regime.

She writes: “[Mr Johnson] already considers him responsible for “war crimes”, demands that he be treated “like an outcast”, repeats that he “must fail” and supports “the harshest sanctions package ever decided” against Russia”.


Pro and anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside Parliament

Pro and anti-Brexit protesters demonstrate outside Parliament (Image: Getty)

People celebrate Brexit outside the Houses of Parliament

People celebrate Brexit outside the Houses of Parliament (Image: Getty)

She adds that the UK feared an invasion “from the start” and reacted quickly to Russia’s decision, including closing ports to Russian-flagged vessels and pushing for Russian banks to be disconnected from service. Swift interbank messaging.

Mr Martin defended the government, saying the UK was helping Ukraine well before mid-January.

He tweeted: “The EU intelligence failure, or failure to believe the US and UK, was shameful, as a senior EU official told me.

Regarding the allegations in Le Monde that the government’s words have not been followed by deeds, Mr. Martin said: “Timorous in his actions? [next generation light anti-tank weapons] are doing in Ukraine which is an outrageous insult.

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A Brexit timeline (Picture: Express)

“On the refugees, the attitude is long before this crisis and is widely criticized. The sanctions are mixed.”

He continued: “So not at all timorous about providing real arms and military advice to help the Ukrainian war effort.

a Union Jack, flies alongside European Union (EU) flags during the ongoing pro and anti Brexit protests

A Union Jack flies alongside European Union flags during pro and anti Brexit protests (Image: Getty)

“Or on intelligence and cyber with the United States, as two key powers in the main intelligence network. But still…isolated.”

The editorial comes as Britain has sanctioned more than 300 Russian parliamentarians with ministers seeking to tighten the screws on Moscow over the invasion of Ukraine that has been raging since February 24.

Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said 386 members of the Duma were banned from traveling to the UK and that any assets they held in the country would be frozen.

Ms Truss said in a statement: “We are targeting the accomplices of Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine and those who support this barbaric war. We will not let up the pressure and continue to tighten the screws on the Russian economy by Sanctions.

“Along with our allies, we stand firmly with our Ukrainian friends. We will continue to support Ukraine with humanitarian aid, defensive weapons and diplomatic work to isolate Russia internationally.”

The UK has now sanctioned more than 500 high-value people and entities with Russian planes – including private jets of oligarchs – banned from entering the UK.

Britain’s total emergency aid and aid to Ukraine now stands at £400m, according to the government.


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