Canadian work permits: Canada extends work permits for some international graduates

Canada has announced that it will extend postgraduate work permits for certain international graduates.

International students whose permits have expired or will expire between September 20, 2021 and December 31, 2022 will be eligible for the new extension. These students will receive an additional 18-month open work permit.

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“Tens of thousands of former international students will receive an additional 18-month open work permit, giving them the opportunity to stay in Canada longer and helping businesses find the workers they need while allowing us to continue to attract international talent,” said the Department of Immigration Canada. tweeted Minister Sean Fraser.

This special measure represents growth potential for the economy and will allow more graduates to settle in Canada, he added.

The country introduced the temporary public policy for the first time during the pandemic, allowing some graduates to apply for an additional open work permit and extend their status in Canada.


Details of the application process for this permit will be available in the coming weeks.

Canada has made several announcements to retain international graduates.

During the pandemic, Canada continued to do everything possible to meet the needs of international students. In 2021, it announced a temporary TR to PR pathway, which allowed international graduates who were working in Canada to apply for permanent residency.

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