Cheeba Chews doubles down on rosin edibles with new fruit chews


After testing a new line of rosin-based edibles in 2021, Cheeba Chews is doubling down on solvent-free extract.

One of the nation’s biggest edibles brands, late last year added rosin to its famous taffy through partnerships with Colorado extractors. Today, Cheeba Chews takes this step one step further with MELTS, a French-inspired fruit chew with flavors of apricot, strawberry and toasted coconut.

Most commercial edibles are made with cannabis oil and distillates extracted with butane, ethanol, and other chemical solvents, but rosin is extracted through pressure and temperature fluctuations. As a result, the concentrate contains a deeper blend of cannabinoids and terpenes, giving rosin edibles a hash-like flavor while users report a more full-bodied high.

To learn more about the new edibles and what the company has planned for the future, we sent co-owner Eric Leslie a handful of chew questions.

West word: Pleasure our unsophisticated and careless minds: what makes a fruit gummies different from an ordinary candy?

Eric Leslie: Our fruit chews are an all-natural fruit puree that blends with a small amount of pectin. This helps the jam-like texture firm up and hold its shape. It’s a long-standing French delicacy due to its just-sweet enough flavor and smooth, pleasant texture.

When did you decide that rosin edibles were more than a fad or a small niche? Are they as popular in other states as in Colorado?

We started to see the rise of live rosin edibles in other markets and kicked off the R&D process last December here in Colorado with our strain-specific taffy packs. The continued success of these has inspired us to develop a new line entirely dedicated to showcasing the power and potential of living rosin.

Should users expect anything different when eating edible rosin versus edible distillate?

The live rosin extraction process is the most natural way to preserve all the intimate details of a cannabis plant. What stands out most when you mix live rosin into our fruit paste chews is the adventure you enjoy, through to a more “full bodied” edible experience – from tasting the complementary pairings of terpenes and fruits to experience an entourage of cannabinoids retained through the solventless extraction process.

Most edibles aim to mask the flavor of weed, but rosin infusions usually do anything but. What is Cheeba Chews trying to do with it in this case?

Ten years ago, everyone was determined to remove all traces of cannabis from the taste of edibles. Distillation, double distillation, 99% THC purity – anything that could hide the flavor of real cannabis oil. The market has clearly matured!

In our experiments with live rosin, we discovered that it was possible to take advantage of the right combination of terpenes with our fruit chews, to amplify the flavor and effects compared to a directly distilled THC product.

We’ve always re-introduced minor cannabinoids into our edibles to help create unique experiences (think sativa/indica), but focusing on a whole-plant infusion – terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids – has helped create a truly “everything” way. natural” from explore the edible experience.

Where does Cheeba Chews source its rosin in Colorado?

We’ve worked with a top tier of extractors in the state, including Rosslyn, Kush Masters, Sovereign Labs, and Soiku Bano, to name a few. It’s a truly artisanal process, and they’re some of the best artists our state has to offer.

How important is plant starting material when making edible rosin products?

The key to our live rosin edibles is bringing to light the true potential of the plant itself. Ensuring we buy the right strains with a complementary terpene and cannabinoid profile is key to ensuring the extract mixes appropriately with the flavors we use in our MELTS. We go through a rigorous matching process to ensure that the strains complement the fruit paste and chewy taffy we offer.

Will we see more solvent-free infused edibles in the future? What’s next for the edibles industry?

Further innovations around minor cannabinoids will continue to occur, helping to open up cannabis to an even wider section of society. We hope to continue to lead the “wellness in mind” charge by showcasing minor cannabinoids in a major way.

What about Cheeba Chews? What should we expect from you in the near future?

Quarterly strain-specific Taffy and Gum drops will continue to occur. Look for new collaborations on upcoming strains and flavors. We are also working on a variety of seasonal releases and adding more depth to our wellness range.


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