Fighting gender equity through art and conversation


By Holly McGuinness

Based in Brimbank, GenZine is a project that celebrates gender equity, providing young people with a place to explore, create, discuss and learn through art, connection and conversation.

They just launched their third issue on Friday, July 8, with GenZine founders Hannah Veljanovska, Emily Bartush and Charlotte Cameron over the moon with the community’s response.

“It was emotional at the very end, once we all packed up and were rushing around just to be on time, we had a big group hug in the rain and we went, oh my God, we just did that!” Said Miss Bartush.

“Our ‘why’ came from realizing that gender is still a pretty big thing in our society, and it really holds people back a lot more than I think it liberates them. So we just hope to provide a space where we can explore that a bit more creatively,” Miss Cameron said.

Illustration for the front page of issue three was provided by Chandra Altoff who was given the “questioning” theme and allowed creative freedom. They created a piece reflecting their identity as a non-binary person, describing it as “a dance between all things” and creating a fairly fluid piece of work.

“Being non-binary, there’s kind of a thing where non-binary people are meant to be androgynous, but my sense of me is not my aesthetic,

“To have this chance and to feel like part of this growing collection of amazing queer artists and people who are exploring all of these things is really precious to me,” Altoff said.

The GenZine community invites anyone to get involved, regardless of age, gender identity or background.

“We’re just here to create a space for young people to have these kinds of conversations,” Ms Veljanovska said.


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