Frenchwoman left without a nose after cancer treatment, surgeons grew it out of her arm then successfully transplanted it onto her face: The Tribune India


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Chandigarh, November 12

A patient from Toulouse had lost a large part of her nose after being treated for nasal cancer in 2013.

She lost her nose after being treated for nasal cavity cancer in 2013 after receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

After that, in a groundbreaking procedure, French surgeons grew a new nose for the woman on her arm and then successfully grafted it onto her face.

A bespoke biomaterial – used instead of cartilage – was first 3D printed in a shape based on images of his nose from before his cancer treatment, reports. The structure was then implanted in the patient’s forearm, where skin taken from her temple grew over it.

In September, after two months in his arm, the nose was transplanted to his face.

Taking to Facebook, Toulouse University Hospital shared photos of the nose growing on the forearm. The hospital announced that the new nose had been successfully grafted onto the woman’s face on Tuesday.

Using microsurgery, surgeons connected the blood vessels in the skin of the arm to the blood vessels in the woman’s face.

The tailor-made intervention was carried out by the ENT and cervico-facial surgery teams of the Toulouse University Hospital and the Claudius Regaud Institute, and took place at the Toulouse-Oncopole Cancer University Institute.


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