International Youth Day: Infinitus empowers young people with youth-focused social strategy and programs


GUANGZHOU, China, August 11, 2021 / PRNewswire / – In light of International Youth Day on 12 auguste which highlights the achievements and contributions of young people and also draws attention to the issues facing young people around the world, Infinitus (China) Company Ltd. (“Infinitus”), a provider of health products and solutions, shares its recent business strategy and social programs to support youth.

New strategy for empowering youth entrepreneurship

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and the self-employed in all economic sectors have become a key force underlying from China resilient economic and employment growth in the post-pandemic era. Data from China The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security shows that the number of people with flexible work routines reached 200 million in 2021. Pandemic shutdowns have further resulted in an increase in the freelance workforce, absorbing the losses. jobs in Chinese cities caused by reduced economic activity during the height of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Infinitus recently launched a new strategy to help young entrepreneurs and self-employed people grow their businesses without the pains and risks of a heavy upfront investment. To further empower young people in terms of entrepreneurship and skills development for self-employment, the company has set up an e-commerce micro-platform in partnership with Tencent, a global Internet and technology leader, as part of its efforts to help small businesses and individuals build their online stores.

The new strategy will also help more full-time employees to develop side activities, which not only can increase Income while learning monetizable skills that serve as a buffer that can cushion the impact of unexpected financial pressures, but also have the potential to promote innovation in business models and create more employment opportunities.

Support programs for the promotion of education and the well-being of young people

As early as 2013, Infinitus worked in tandem with the Si Li Ji Ren Foundation to help create employment opportunities, foster career advancement and foster greater economic empowerment for young adults and students from poor families in China. Over the course of seven years, Infinitus has partnered with the Foundation to provide scholarships to 1,272 students in 30 provinces, helping them complete their education and gain job skills to improve their incomes and standard of living.

For poor regions characterized by a poor economic base, rudimentary transport infrastructure and unfavorable geological conditions, a new strategy is needed to create sustainable programs that lift more students from disadvantaged backgrounds out of poverty. Infinitus created these skills development and educational empowerment programs in the hopes of blazing a trail that can fundamentally help more students improve their families’ financial situation.

In 2020, the charity walk on September 19 organized by Infinitus ended with the achievement of a goal of 920 million steps thanks to the contribution of participants from around the world. As part of the program that supports youth sport in disadvantaged neighborhoods in China, Infinitus converted the steps into a gift of goods of value 2.8 million RMB in the Happy Football program of the China Youth Development Foundation.

Cultivating a Youth-Friendly Culture at Infinitus

Born in the Internet age, young people are at the forefront of the technological revolution as well as social and cultural change. In this context, Infinitus promotes a youth-friendly corporate culture and encourages employees of older generations to learn from young people. To create a diverse and dynamic workspace that allows them to acquire the skills and experience they need for work and life, Infinitus welcomes new ideas from young workers and is committed to providing opportunities for their voices are heard within the company.

At Infinitus, it is believed that by paying attention to young people, the company can see the future with a long-term perspective, continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, and continuously attract more exceptional talent, so that the he company is sure to be successful and evergreen while training more talent for the company. Looking to the future, Infinitus will continue to work with its partners to support the development of young people through global initiatives and social programs, empowering young people throughout their education and career paths.

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