new 0% loan in addition to the MaPrimeRénov grant


Households wishing to carry out eco-responsible renovations in their main residence can now combine an interest-free eco-loan with state subsidies for the work.

Present proof of your MaPrimeRénov grant

A special version of zero rate eco-loan up to €30,000 is specifically intended to supplement the MaPrimeRénov grant and other financial aid from which you may benefit.

You can even apply for this loan after starting the work in question, provided that it did not start more than six months previously.

All you have to do is present proof of the agreement of the National Housing Agency (Anah) to the bank to grant you a MaPrimeRénov subsidy.

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Most major banks offer loans

It is not necessary to provide a list of works, estimates and invoices. The loan must be granted within six months from the date of the approval of the Anah.

It is likely that the same banks that offer the ordinary interest-free eco-loan – up to €50,000 and not intended to be combined with a grant – will be able to offer the new version.

This includes most of the major French high street banks, such as Credit Agricole, La Banque Postale, Société Générale and Banque Populaire.

Access to the loan is not subject to income levels.

No more MaPrime-Rénov grants for low-wage earners

People with the highest incomes are not excluded from a MaPrimeRénov grant, but the amount you could obtain and the type of eligible work vary according to the level of your reference tax income – the net taxable income, indicated on your last tax notice for income tax.

You will fall into one of four colored bands, depending on income level.

The highest scholarships are available to people in the lowest (“blue”) category – less than €15,262 for a single person outside Ile-de-France, or €22,320 for a couple.


The best way to get started is to get advice from a France Rénov’ advisor (telephone 0808 800 700, or go there).

You will need to request a quote from an approved RGE environment craftsman and create an account on

Until the end of the year, an additional €1,000 is available under the grant, to replace oil or gas boilers with more environmentally friendly options, due to the war in Ukraine.

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