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How would you rate the IT space in Nigeria?

Apart from the rapid growth of Nigeria’s digital economy, I would say that Nigeria’s IT space is gradually transforming into cutting-edge technology as there are improved business process standards and economic growth, but more importantly still, the increased internet penetration and smart device revolution is a notable improvement.

Is the country doing enough to fill the gap in terms of mentorship, providing start-ups among others to its plethora of unemployed young people keen to get involved in the sector?

Honestly speaking, I don’t think so, as I don’t see or feel any positive impact on life from this…what they did or could have done…but I could be wrong.

What value does your organization bring in IT?

That of improving value ranging from product type, customer service, delivery and packaging, integrity, price and all.

Technology commerce professionalism, setting the standard for how people do business in the IT village, mentoring and nurturing young minds to maximize social media for sales.

So from the proposals we have lately from payment (Fintech) platforms, apart from providing affordable gadgets to catch the attention of startups when they want to set up their offices while working on a tight budget, I must say that we are really significant. The motivation has been content creation and social engagement while selling convenience.

The vision and the mission have been aided by like minds, a spirit of discernment and constant reinforcements.

What are the challenges for organizations like yours, engaged in IT?

We have challenges we can control and challenges we face that are beyond us; economic issues such as politics, political instability and others. Additionally, online identity theft is the duplication of our posts, names, and tricking people into making payments to their accounts.

By selling unique products, being the price moderator, we ensure that when customers need products, we are the best choice and we almost always have them cheaper.

To increase our network and net worth, best service delivery, familiar name and one stop shop for used and new products, stay with customer throughout gadget life cycle

Today, most young people are exploiting the computer space for fraudulent activities. As a player in the sector, what should be done to contain it, or even eliminate it?

Young people should open their minds sufficiently to what the computer space is; it is rather poor to only think about fraudulent activities when it comes to IT. There is so much to do on the internet; in fact, some spaces are saturated while others haven’t even scratched the surface. It takes almost the same time to converse with a “maga” to acquire and test a skill not with the advent of remote trades. Baiting them will work I guess…learn this skill I set you up or help you with a job fair. Parents should also try not to raise an orphan generation where young people have to fend for their parents and siblings when they have not reached maturity in spirit.


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