Norman parents upset by high school library social media posts



Some Norman parents are upset by the books and social media posts from the Norman North High School library.

The controversy even gained attention inside the State Capitol.

The district told News 9 they are supporting the posts, mostly coming from Norman North.

The exhibits focus on topics such as the LGBTQ + community, Black Lives Matter, and women in government.

“Parents have started sending me pictures,” said Senator Rob Standridge.

This is how the state senator, who represents the region of public schools in Normandy, discovered the displays.

“Dozens if not hundreds of parents have contacted me,” Standridge said.

The posts show books like “Art of Drag”, “Trans Teen Survival Guide”, “Concrete Rose” and other books focused on black voices.

“These schools are looking more towards indoctrination than education and that has to stop,” Standridge said. “These are taxpayers’ money.”

News 9 requested an interview from the district, instead they sent a statement.

Norman Public Schools is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students. Our libraries are essential to the learning experience in our schools and, as such, contain books and resources representing all topics and backgrounds.These social media posts are just a small part of all the different postings showcased throughout the year.

As we always do, we encourage all parents who have any questions or concerns about their student’s school to contact us directly so that we can work together on a solution. “

“If they’re promoting an all inclusive, where there are images from the Bible,” Standridge said. “Where are the images of the opposite of what they are promoting?”

The state senator believes that there is a clear left agenda.

“I don’t think it’s the school’s job to promote things as direct opposition to what parents teach their children,” Standridge said.

“It’s fantastic,” said Jeremy Crites, LGBTQ + Youth Services Coordinator for Q Space.

Q Space provides a safe space for LGBTQ + youth in Oklahoma. Crites had an opposite reaction to the messages.

“When they talk about a survival guide, almost half of transgender children will attempt suicide by the age of 25,” said Crites. “So it’s a matter of life and death.”

He believes that withholding information is dangerous and that some of the books on display are essential resources.

“Young people need these opportunities to be educated. And I think that’s also true for the whole community, ”Crites said.

The district wants all concerned parents to reach out directly.



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