OneTable and team up to help young adults build community, connect with friends and family this Passover


OneTable and are teaming up for Passover this year to enable young Jewish adults to create, host and participate in meaningful in-person Seders, the ritual Passover meal, with peers. This major national initiative comes at a time when young people are eager for in-person experiences that are rich in connection and meaning.

“The traditional Passover message is about freedom,” says Tirtzah Bassel, vice president of partnerships and Jewish learning at OneTable. “And the most fundamental element of freedom is being able to tell our own story. After two years of closures and closures, this Passover is an especially good time to come together with friends and family and share stories about this what freedom means to us now. We invite as many young adults as possible to host their own Shabbat dinners and Passover Seders, which is why we are proud to provide inspiration and resources to help make their Seders authentic, meaningful and connective.

In addition to a Passover Shabbat guide, a Shabbat Seder guide, and a host of curated Passover resources at, OneTable is also partnering with, where people can find or create the haggadah of their dreams. serves more than half a million Jews each year with its diverse library of Passover resources, including helping people build a Passover experience around the themes most relevant to them. They can create their own Haggadah and collaborate with friends and family. Now, with a new events platform, Powered By OneTable, users can also discover Passover events that speak to them and invite guests directly to their own seders.

“People from different backgrounds and with different perspectives can all derive meaning from interactive Passover rituals,” adds Eileen Levinson, founder and executive director of “The Seder can focus on freedom, social justice, oppression, anti-Semitism, LGTBQ+ experiences, and more. Whether informed by events in our world today or by something in one’s life, this DIY dinner can be profoundly powerful. Young adults are looking for experiences that add value and enrich their lives, that give them the space to ask big questions and think about possible answers.”

OneTable “feeds” (subsidizes) the first and second Seders on April 15 and 16. The first night coincides with Shabbat, when OneTable lets young adults connect with friends in meaningful weekly rituals. Young adults can apply to host by April 5, post their seders and invite friends or find seats at open dinners. OneTable will raise its Seder with resources and up to $10 per guest, up to $100 per Seder. In the spirit of welcome and hospitality, OneTable will nurture a host for both Seders if they invite different groups of family or friends to attend each.

While Passover has certainly looked different over the past two years, OneTable launched to help people build community, connect with family and friends, and find meaning as COVID shutdowns begin. -19. 38,000 people have used the site. In 2021, OneTable supported hosts on the platform for the first and second Seder with 2,580 unique attendees celebrating Passover. For 2022, OneTable and expect 9,000 people to attend a Passover event through the platform.

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