SYND-Ghana Hosts Pre-COP27 Youth Summit on Climate Change


The Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) held its National Pre-COP27 Youth Summit yesterday in Accra.

Held under the theme “Dialogue with Climate Negotiators”, the summit aimed to bring young climate advocates and negotiators to deliberate on issues of loss and damage ahead of COP27 and Ghana’s position this year at COP27 to be held in Egypt.

Likewise, it is about highlighting the work of young people in the climate change space that contributes during the achievement of the various sustainable development goals related to climate change.

SYND Ghana is a youth-focused non-governmental organization that promotes the inclusion of young people in the governance of the National Resources and Environment (NRE) sector.

It operates in four thematic areas, namely forestry, climate change, biodiversity and energy access. He is also the organizer of the Youth Platform in Natural Resources and Environmental Governance (Youth-NREG) as well as the West Africa Regional Node Coalition for Access.

In a press conference ahead of the summit, China’s Ezekiel, Executive Coordinator of SYND Ghana, stressed the need to increase support for young people to participate in the global climate change discourse.

For him, the effective engagement and participation of young people is necessary to build resilience in the face of climate change.

He said that in July 2022, his team launched a series of monthly COP27 webinars to demonstrate the proactivity and willingness of young people to have their voices heard in the climate change discourse.

“Based on the key questions from the webinars, we recommend the creation of a loss and damage facility with substantial annual funding from the Global North to highly vulnerable countries that are facing mass destruction due to the climate crisis, increase funding for adaptation, commit to increasing support for young people to participate in the global climate change discourse, accelerate the global energy transition,” he said.

He again called on world leaders to make sure they follow through on all the sweet and juicy promises they make at COP27.


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