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Reverend Father (Dr) Noel Dias, Lecturer in Law (Retired) from the University of Colombo, Lecturer at Sri Lanka Law College, Chaplain of the Catholic Lawyers Guild and the new Chaplain of the Army Christian Fellowship Thursday paid a courtesy visit to Gen. Shavendra Silva, Chief of the Defense Staff and Army Commander at Army Headquarters, and Army press release.

The incoming chaplain was warmly received at the CO’s office where a cordial exchange of views and pleasantries ensued.

“We are very pleased to have you as the new Chaplain for Christian Affairs in the Army Christian Fellowship, and the Army in the same spirit would like to return the favor by giving our full support to the development of your religious establishments or the community. for ours is an outfit of all denominations. The Army, with its professional engineering resources, is always ready to lend its expertise for the renovation of churches and other religious establishments through which our goodwill bonds may be further strengthened.We are always willing to extend our maximum cooperation to community projects which the church may organize through medical camps, mutual aid projects, relief services, etc. in addition to technical support which may be brought to constructions and renovations. In short, our expertise in manpower and our resources can be made available for the development. Support for all religious denominations in the country on request. Your new army affiliation would certainly serve as a boost in this regard,” the army commander had said, according to the press release.

Reverend Father (Dr) Dias, expressing warm sentiments, thanked General Shavendra Silva for his candid assurances that could help forge and revitalize religious friendship in the country and maintained that the Church too could work closely collaboration with the army for its future spiritual development projects.

At the end of the interaction, General Shavendra Silva added memorabilia to his new mission and bestowed a special memento on Reverend Father (Dr) Noel Dias before his departure.

Prior to Reverend Father (Dr) Noel Dias, Reverend Heshan De Silva of the Baptist Association served as the Army Christian Fellowship Chaplain. Also in the past, Chaplain Rev Fr (Dr) Noel Dias coordinated the organization’s Christian affairs and supported the conduct of religious congregations for members of the Christian Faith Army, according to the statement.


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