Updates on the war in Ukraine: the French Prime Minister calls on companies to save energy to avoid rationing

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Olaf Scholz has called for a new European air defense system, one of a series of proposals put forward by the German Chancellor to improve the continent’s resilience and reform EU governance following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In a speech in Prague on Monday, Scholz said Germany intended to make “substantial” investments in air defense in the coming years, and that its European neighbors would be invited to participate in the project from the outset.

“We have a lot of catching up to do in Europe when it comes to defending against air and space threats,” Scholz added.

He also promised that Germany would continue to send advanced weapons to Ukraine, including air defense and radar systems and reconnaissance drones, and said that Germany could bear a “special responsibility ” for the construction of Ukrainian artillery.

Germany would also ensure that the planned EU rapid reaction force is ready for deployment in 2025.

Much of the speech, delivered at Charles University in Prague, focused on the idea of ​​making Europe more “sovereign”, better able to defend itself against external aggression and more effective in countering competition from countries like China.

EU nations must, Scholz said, develop the bloc’s “peace promise” by ensuring it was “capable of safeguarding its security, independence and stability in the face of external challenges”.

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