Will the UK ever experience a people-led social revolution as it returns to the Dark Ages?


Unlike Latin America which has a true left-right political dichotomy, Britain has a false left-right political facade, as does North America and most of Western Europe, Canada and the United States. ‘Australia.

  • Will the UK ever experience a people-led social revolution as it returns to the Dark Ages?

Wow, just wow!

Britain is about to enter a prolonged period of recession which is expected to include power cuts and energy rationing.

This is not Lebanon under attack by a US-inspired devaluation of their currency as leverage to undermine the country’s democratically elected government, which includes Hezbollah.

It is not Gaza, bombarded in the Stone Age by the most powerful military machine in the Middle East, the Israeli apartheid regime, which illegally occupies and sanctions Gaza in violation of international law.

This is not Libya destroyed by Britain and NATO, turning one of Africa’s fairest and most stable societies into a modern hell on earth.

It is not Mali still occupied by French forces against the express will of the popular government.

This is Britain, UK

The mother of all parliaments.

A bastion of democracy?

An ancient empire that enslaved millions of colonized peoples and controlled hundreds of millions, stealing tea from China, diamonds from South Africa, cotton from America and all the precious natural resources of every country that he enslaved.

The Empire that gave genocide a modern face.

Four million perished needlessly in the Bengal famine, over a million in the Irish famine, and Britain murdered tens of millions in Africa, Australia, America and Canada.

They told us in 2008 that the banks were too big to fail.

Nobody told us that Britain in 2022 would fail.

Can you believe it? Britain is a failed state. One of the G7 countries with the fifth largest economy in the world.

With billionaires and tax evaders galore.

Yet Britain predicts inflation will reach 22%.

Interest rates are rising.

A docile workforce that has seen wages stagnate for more than a decade, but workers are now becoming restless and demanding pay rises to meet their ever-increasing household bills, with ongoing strikes and many others planned.

It is in the gap between wages and productivity that profit is made.

When production increases and wages remain dormant, profits increase.

For a decade, corporations have accumulated wealth while workers skimp and save.

Inflation in Britain will devastate people’s disposable income.

Huge increases in energy costs will decimate their savings.

Ordinary working men and women will become even more indebted to banks and scurrilous moneylenders who prey on those in desperate need.

As a jobs crisis follows a deep recession, as inflation, rising interest rates and energy costs destroy the economy, livelihoods, families and communities , Britain, like most of Europe, should now be ripe for a social revolution.

Yet unlike Latin America and the Caribbean which has a genuine left-right political dichotomy, Britain has a false left-right political facade, as does North America and most of Western Europe. , Canada and Australia.

We have “no people’s party”.

No representative of the working class and the underprivileged.

No voice for the voiceless, no leader of the poor.

We have micro-managed career politicians leading a centrist, neoliberal reform duopoly that is replicated across Europe and in the white Anglo-Saxon countries of the former British Commonwealth, who ironically do not share the “ commonwealth”.

We have corporate-funded, interest-group-funded lobbyists controlling the political narrative.

Those in power are not accountable to those in opposition.

When a party fills its boots, pockets and bank balances at the expense of the public, people look down on its corruption and elect the opposition in the next election, which then continues to do exactly the same thing.

Remember it was New Labor and Tony Blair who brought us the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Britain, as the lights go out this winter and the houses grow cold as we enter the Dark Ages, we should remember that serfdom and feudalism never left the United Kingdom. United. Its name has changed but the practices are the same.

We are now slaves to the banks, the bosses, and the bipartisan political duopoly that exists to continue the transfer of wealth from the poorest in society to the richest in society.

Do people really think that by changing the party in power, they bring about real change?

Think again.

There is no third way.

There are only political prophets and opportunists who claim they will reform the system if elected, ultimately they are part of the system, they then defend that system and become the very thing they claim entered politics to change.

Will we gently enter this dreaded night?

Look at Jeremy Corbyn, arguably the best prime minister Britain has ever had.

He is done and seems quite happy to enter this dark and dreaded place of anonymity, destroyed by the Zionist lobby and his own party because of his support for Palestine and his socialist vision.

A French parliamentarian, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, shortly after the French Revolution said: “The Great only appear great because we are on our knees, so let’s get up”.

If only Britain, if only!

We have a very small neoliberal spectrum through which British parties and politicians are allowed to navigate.

There is a very patriotic British song “Rule Britannia”, celebrating Britain’s imperial past.

These lyrics are included in the song:

Britannia rules the waves, Britons will never, ever, ever be enslaved.

Chained by neo-liberalism, in debt to the banks, handcuffed by the political elite, the British are indeed slaves.

If only they could see and demand more.

James Connolly, leader of the Irish Citizens Army, led the struggle for Irish freedom in Dublin in 1916 against British imperialist forces in Ireland, a socialist revolutionary once said: ‘Our most modest demands are, we don’t want than the earth”.

We need revolutionary change to create a more equitable multipolar world.

It starts with defeating the current government mismanagement that puts profit before people.

We need a people-centered political system that puts an end to free market capitalism, corruption and corruption.

We won’t get that by voting for the duopoly of two corporate political parties, so maybe we need to find another way.

Will Britain lead the way?

Unfortunately, I don’t believe so.

Will the last person leaving Britain turn off the lights?

That is of course if the country is not already out of power.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


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